Mummy Lingerie Collection

The perfect range for Mummies

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?

The Mummy Lingerie Collection

from Orchid Lingerie at the Corsetry Chalet

Bra fitting is a daunting prospect and often even more so during pregnancy when there is everything else to think about.

However, it is one of the most important times to get proper support. The connective tissues at the top of our breasts are quite weak and easy to stretch permanently. By prioritising the correct fit and shape for you, once baby is weaned, you will minimise change to your natural shape.

Of course you can go online and buy items, try them on, think they fit. But we get so many ladies telling us how they feel they wasted their money doing this as the fit they get with our specialist is so much more comfortable and gives them the shape they really want. In the fitting room, there will be just you and our specialist. You don’t need to take your bra off in front of her and there’s no cold tape measure or any judgement passed. We only sell at the recommended retail price – there’s no extra charge for the one to one care and attention we give each and every one of you at your appointment.

Come and get fitted to make sure you get the right support and most comfort possible during this important time in both yours and baby’s lives.

The bras by Freya are so pretty and even come with matching briefs so you can feel gorgeous and be supported properly. The inner sling allows the support to continue whilst nursing.

With back sizes 30-40 and cup sizes C-HH everyone is catered for.

I believe that lingerie should add class and sass to a woman’s persona. It is an ingredient of empowerment in a woman’s wardrobe.

– Ellen M. Lewis

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?