Essential Lingerie Collection

Our everyday (but rather wonderful) lingerie collection

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?

The Essential Lingerie Collection

from Orchid Lingerie at the Corsetry Chalet

The same way you can walk into different high street stores and be a size 14 in one, but a size 16 in the next, bras fit different people’s shapes in different ways.

This depends on you, the time of the month, what clothes you prefer, what shape you like to have under tops and also what shape you are naturally. 80% of ladies are in a back size (the numbers) that is too small.

This is where the fitting comes in. Of course you can go online and buy items, try them on, think they fit. But we get so many ladies telling us how they feel they wasted their money doing this, as the fit they get with our specialist is so much more comfortable and gives them the shape they really want.

In the fitting room, there will be just you and our specialist. You don’t need to take your bra off in front of her and there’s no cold tape measure or any judgement passed.

We only sell at the recommended retail price – there’s no extra charge for the one-to-one care and attention we ensure you receive at your appointment.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Reduce breast pain
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve your skin condition
  • Discover your silhouette, reducing need for weight loss

We are proud of our appointment service and passionate about helping you. You can return to us if there’s any problems and there’s no obligation to purchase, although we’ve found it’s very rare that we can’t help.

Fashion colours, as well as black, white and champagne with matching knickers, are all available in briefs or thongs.

Sizes from 30AA to 42K, pants from XS to 4XL. If we’ve not got it in stock, we can order it for no extra charge.

I believe that lingerie should add class and sass to a woman’s persona. It is an ingredient of empowerment in a woman’s wardrobe.

– Ellen M. Lewis

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?