Active Lingerie & Swim Collection

Our fun, active range of lingerie & swimwear

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?

The Active Lingerie Collection

from Orchid Lingerie at the Corsetry Chalet

Crop tops, sports tops with in-built support, performance Capri pants, racer backs, soft cup sports bras in a fantastic range of cool colours; there’s something to suit everyone. Whilst you’re working hard, make sure you’re properly supported.

The ligaments supporting a woman’s breasts are prone to permanent stretching. This can be hastened through lack of correct support during daily life and particularly when exercising.

If your ultimate aim is to lose weight, DON’T wait until you achieve your goal to get the correct fitting bra. Your breast ligaments will be damaged by your exercise and your breast shape will suffer. You are recommended generally to get checked for fit every 6 months; this is even more crucial when you are working hard for your figure.

There are different sports bras suitable for different levels of activity, moderate sports to intense activity. The fabric is designed with moisture wicking technology and we also have products containing odour-free polygiene technology for those heavy workouts. The engineering ensures that you are not flattened or uncomfortable but the breasts are encapsulated and held firm. Comfort is key and features like padded straps, flat seams, ventilation panels and wide bands all ensure that your concentration never strays from your goal.

The Active Swim Collection

Whether doing lengths in the pool or lounging in the sun, you’ll want to look and feel effortlessly glamorous.

Our fabulous stockists do the most amazing things with swimwear! It can be so hard to find something on the high street that’s elegant, modern and supportive in the right places. Never fear, we’ve got it! The ranges of swimwear we offer fit up to a JJ cup and in a wide range of fun and elegant styles, no one need go without what they deserve. Just because you’re in swimwear, you don’t need to go without everyday support.

Brilliant designs and modern prints, in a range of styles – tankinis, strapless tops, bikinis, control briefs and full swimsuits – it’s all here, with the normal level of support where you’d expect it from your normal, properly fitted lingerie. Not only that, how much better will your ‘bikini body’ look with the right fit.? That’s right, phenomenal!

You wouldn’t wear the wrong size shoes, so why wear the wrong size bra?